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OK, it is time to stop avoiding this blog because I have set such a strict design on what i wanted this blog to be. From now on, this is just going to be my blog, to do with it what I want. I still want to write those articles on evolution, moral theory and aging, but I shouldn’t exclude all else until i acheive those goals. So I am going to start blogging on stuff that I am doing. I dunno why, chances are no one will care what I am doing, but I like to record stuff.

For a start, Ryan and I registered 1d4 Pty Limited as a company a few weeks ago. We are now directors of a limited liability company. I think that’s pretty cool. Now we just need to ensure it keeps growing and increasing in profitability.

I have also been engaging an aweful lot in a new forum at An incredible forum really, when I decide to make my own forum, I am sure I will be copying a lot of their good ideas. That aside though, they are a forum about internet marketing and website construction, so very topic relevent to what I am spending all of my spare time doing now, and something which I really do need to learn as well as I could. Invariably though, I have ended up engaging in a religion debate. LOL. I can’t help myself can I?

So far it is only one, but it’s on the topic of the Flood, as usual. And I still fail to understand how anyone aside from a small child can actually believe that rubbish is real… The thread is here, and the ultimate answer to people who just don’t see it, is as usual, at talk origins.

In other news I saw the movie 300 last night, and I recommend it highly. F’n awesome MOVIE. And I highlight the word movie, because it has been getting bad reviews because of the obviously political inuendos made in the movie, and because of the mythical exagerations added to the telling of the story. That’s right, this movie, isn’t accurate to reality! *gasp*

Nonetheless, it has entered into my top movies of all time area, right up the top of action films with some of the best fight scenes and “Pure Pwnage” that you are ever likely to be able to imagine. At the end of the first battle, I just kept thinking of the old arcade game: Mortal Kombat… “Flawless victory”. I know when I think of the idea of 300 vs 1 Million, i certainly assume that it is ridiculously impossible for them to win, but after watching the first few battes, i started to understand the difference between well trained soldiers vs slaves forced to fight. it is sort of like getting a group of homeless people together and telling them to beat the Australian Wallabies Rugby Union Team at a game of Rugby Union. Even if the homeless had 50 people on the field, it wouldn’t change the fact that they are useless, unskilled, slow, probably drunk or whatever, and the skilled players working in unison as a team would just demolish them every time without fail. When it comes to combat like the type in 300, total domination of skill is infact possible. Unlike modern warfare where even the most undisciplined soldiers can get their hands on a bomb or get a lucky shot off on their automatic weaponry.

But anyway, watch 300 while it is still at the cinemas. Well worth it.
300 Trailer
Some of the first battle. Don’t watch if you are going to see this at the cinemas, watch the real thiing first.

And now I have to go and talk to the creationists again over at Digital point. But I will be back soon with a couple more updates about SAG and SBB and PaperAloud….the sleeping giant.


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