The lack of post recently has come about because of much action elsewhere. I have hired Klaus Burton (AKA SubJunk) of to redesign my two websites and So I have been busy working with him to plan that out and also to start doing the work that I need to do on my end of the deal. So I have been busy with that. Also, I am in the progress of research adn implementing my next website, which is going to be the coolest website ever. *too excited*

Ahhh I can’t wait till I can start revealing that…

So anyway, I haven’t forgotten this blog or its goal, in fact this blog represents the true end goal of all of these other websites. This Blog is who I am and what I want to do. But do to the nature of reality, we can never just do what we want without consideration of other things.. like eating and warmth for example.

The sooner I can find myself out of full time employment, the sooner I will be able to dedicate myself to something meaningful, like explaining why evolution is a brilliant marvel of scientific enquiry, why morality is easy to derive from first principles, and why it is that things get old and die.

They are the goals and the means by which I hope to come by them…. Ahhh the future to come.


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