Sports Arbitrage Guide and SurebetBookies update

SureBetBookies database is live now and has been for a number of weeks. I have been adding new bookmakers into the DB irregularly, and need to up my rate quite a bit to keep things moving. Even more importantly though, i really need to finish a number of other pages on the site, just to give it the completely rounded our feeling. For example, I need to finish editing the Moneybookers and Neteller pages, which I am actually creating moreso for the SEO towards those phrases, which will then bring in more general traffic to SBB, which is always a good thing.

I have also added a few new domains into the mix, and intend to add a single page of content to each of and and optimise those two domains specifically towards those keyword phrases. The domain will be a thorough explanation of how to work SureBetBookies, and will simply act as a portal to SBB. It is a bit of an experiment, but if it works, those phrases should pull in substantial amounts of traffic from Search Engines alone.

Over in Sports Arbitrage Guide I have fully integrated the new SureBetBookies database with the Guide, providing links to the bookmakers for every alert service and functions like that. I believe this will increase profit substantially over the long run, as well as providing far greater functionality for our users. Having that sort of information at your fingertips is incredibly helpful.

Continuing on in my efforts with SEO, I have also been re-evaluating my page designs, titles, descriptions etc. I have created a sub-page for the Work At Home phenomenon. At the end of the day, sports arbitrage trading is simply a method to work at home on your computer, but SAG is optimised for sports arbitrage trading, not ‘work at home’, so there is a huge market of people looking for what SAG offers, but not knowing how to find it. I think that is one of the biggest failings of SERP’s. The fact that specific words on the page do not necessarily give away the most relevent purpose of that page.

But anyway, thats my problem. I have also put a Link Exchange on my Links page, but I need to revise much of that, and I probably need to get one of those ‘Are you a human’ turing tests on the page since I am already getting bloody spam bots submitting links which are total rubbish. *hate spam with a fiery passion, and would happily see all spammers dead*

I have also paid someone to submit both Sports Arbitrage Guide and SureBetBookies to around 500 Directories. So we’ll see over the coming months how much that affects the ranking of both of them in the search engines.

I think as soon as I have those pages on SBB done, the two external sites (sportsbook listing and bookie index) completed, I will actually start working on the Arbitrage Trading section of SAG. Which is long overdue. However, as I say that, i just realised that I already need to start working on a couple of new alert programs which have just come out on the scene, which means more reviews, more page editing, and changes to the SBB database already to incorporate them. So still quite a lot of work going on with them. And lately I have completely renigged on my commitments to ImmInst. I need to do more with ImmInst. Plus work is starting on PapersAloud, which I am about to write another post for.


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