Update on Challenge to Intelligent Design Believers

Well after a few weeks of this challenge running, the purpose of me starting it: To find worthwhile creationist claims to reply to, has been fulfilled without one succesful attempt. I would like to thank Kazza from scam.com forums for finding this for me (and not taking advantage of me in the meantime :)) Actually, I should give him $50 just for finding this for me.

Anyway, this: http://www.talkorigins.org/indexcc/list.html
lists every single argument so far know presented by creationists, ID’ers and anti-evolutionists in every form known, and presents the reply argument and case.

unbelievable. talk origins is truely remarkable and a wealth of knowledge for anyone with any questions about evolution. I am sure I will be refering people to that list and specific arguments from it time and time again as they continue to present the same old worn out claims over and over again.

Everyone curious about evolution: GO HERE

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