I have recently gone through another series of changes, and I am in a space where writing regularly about my life my thoughts and my activities is something which will once again entertain me. I used to keep a public online diary, but I haven’t updated it properly for about 4 years now. Until I once again get bored of doing this (and I will, without doubt, because that is how I work), I plan on making this blog my public online diary.

SO, if you are one of my subscribers, and you don’t feel like getting emailed everytime I want to write about my favourite song of the moment, or ‘what I did today’ etc, then please, just unsubscribe to this feed.

I hope at least half of my posts will be more meaningful than that – the main reason I want to start doing this again is because I have a lot of complicated and interesting thoughts streaming through my head atm and I need to get them out, rationalise them a bit and hopefully sort them out more thoroughly by writing them.

Anyway, I’ll write the few ideas that I wast to get out to start this all off with over a few separate posts after this one…

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