Everyone Hates Ads

And everyone hates giant corporations manipulating them into buying things they don’t want – but surely everyone likes finding things that make their life easier, more pleasurable, or more entertaining?

This topic crossed my mind recently and I have been mulling it over for a while now – the difference between ‘Marketing’, ‘Advertising’ and the modern version of ‘internet marketing’ vs the future of internet marketing.

In general people think of marketing and advertising as the same thing, and I doubt anyone (not in the industry or studying it in any meaningful way) before now has bothered to seek out a difference between them and internet marketing, and so in general when people talk about their hatred of ads, they apply the hatred very generally, without any remorse for one particular version over the other…

And if there is any doubt that people hate marketing and advertising, take a quick moment to watch this classic bit of ‘comedy’ by Bill Hicks:

I don’t want to get too caught up on strict definitions, so humour me here for a moment while I distinguish between marketing and traditional advertising. I think advertising is a blanket attempt to show your product or service to as many people as possible in the hopes that at least some of them are in the market place for your product or service, or they know someone else who is. While I think Marketing is a blanket attempt to create mental and emotional associations in the public mind about the brand being marketed – marketing has no regard for need, it is all about creating a desire.

So for instance, John Smith’s Compensation Lawyers will run a billboard advertisement in the hopes that someone who needs a compensation lawyer will see the ad, and decide to go with them, while Coca Cola runs a TV ad showing how much fun people have while drinking coke. The first AD informs the public about a service being offered, while the second ‘Ad’ (marketing) doesn’t care whether the people are thirsty or not, it simply attempts to create desires in the publics mindset, so that when the conditions are met, the decision process is decided by the mental associations, not by any rational thought process (like hydration capabilities…)

Maybe that distinction isn’t as real as I imagine, but that really isn’t what I am interested in. IN fact, it probably has no relevance at all to what I am interested in, so I will end this post here, and start again, and hopefully get a better post next time!

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