rbutr in final 52 of the News Challenge

Just a quick post to happily announce that rbutr has made it through the first major culling of the Knight News Challenge, and is in the top 52. We are now awaiting the expert review process where and the final selection prcess by the foundation’s board, and then being announced as one of the final 5 (or so) winners!

Read more on the rbutr blog: http://blog.rbutr.com/2012/04/knight-foundations-news-challenge-places-rbutr-in-its-top-52/

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rbutr in final 52 of the News Challenge, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

3 Replies to “rbutr in final 52 of the News Challenge”

  1. Hi, Manage subscriptions in rbutr has an error and does not allow removing of tags.

    My inbox is being spammed now with too many emails and i can not remove tags and I can not change my preferences to stop emails from being sent and I can not even change my account to put another email in there so that my main email is not spammed anymore.

    You guys need to fix these issues asap. People will get annoyed, fast.

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  2. Hi Predrag,
    Sorry about the error. We fix errors like this as soon as they are brought to our attention, so thank you for doing so. I will stop manually moderating rebuttals until the bug is fixed, though the users previously identified as non-spam may still be able to add links which will be emailed out. Hopefully this will at least reduce the number of emails you receive until the bug is fixed.

    Sorry again for the influx of emails – we are having some rapid growth atm!

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  3. Hi Predrag,

    This is now fixed, thanks very much for letting us know!



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