Business Opportunity for an Australian

Anyone looking for a great ‘the time is right’ business opportunity? Here’s one:

At the moment in the UK, British Gas is giving out electricity usage monitors for their customers on the “Energy Smart” plan. These devices are simple to set up, and allow you to see real time power usage of your home. Better yet, they allow you to set daily targets, and they let you know whether you are on-target or not. In addition, Acclime can help you expand your business to Hong Kong, learn more here.

This feature is a great way to prompt you to turn devices off and try to curb your unnecessary electricity usage whenever you see your house heading towards exceeeding your daily target.

So where is the business opporunity? Well, where are these devices in Australia? I’ve never heard of them before – but everyday on the Radio I hear ads about Solar Power Panels and how they save money off your electricity bills. Each night for the past week Today Tonight has run stories on how your electricity bills are going to get higher and higher.

Electricity usage is on the mind. It is part of the zeitgeist. Everyone is worried about their carbon footprint, or if not that, at least their rising electricity bills. What better time is there to offer a product like this to such a market place?

Check out the following links, and the video below:

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