Church Warning to Europe

This article in the Sydney Morning Herald made me chuckle today. Oh how terrible it must be to not be the dominant power anymore… Apparently the Church of England have released a report stating that Europe is at risk of becoming a “Secular tyranny”. They state that it is “more uncertain of its future and more mistrusted by its citizens than ever before” – although based on this article alone, i don’t know how much attention was paid to the fact that ‘citizens of europe’ is a reasonably recent phenomenon in the first place; perhaps this is the first time in history that anyone has even thought of them self as a Europe Citizen? Lets face it, Europe is still mostly made up of Countries, and most citizens of those countries still identify as citizens of their actual country… To say that Europe’s citizens are ‘more uncertain’, some how assumes that there is a previous point at which Europe’s citizens were actually certain about their future!

Anyway, more importantly, just because Christianity is losing the power it once had in Europe; just because the Religious Tyranny has been broken, does not mean that the new cultural/social/political scenario that has replaced it is tyrannical!

Basically, this ‘report’ (based on the SMH article) seems to basically be crying “We aren’t in control anymore, that’s not fair. You’re all mean!”

For the first time in history, all religions and personal preferences are starting to be treated equally (“starting” to be!). Rather than discriminating based on the BELIEFS of one group, we are starting to try to be inclusive, and non discriminatory. And in return, the Church of England is getting upset because they believe it is their God Given Right to discriminate. And because they no longer have the POWER to do this discriminating, they are calling ‘Tyranny” on the EU.

I will admit, that i find it somewhat unfair to force a Christian couple counselor to counsel homosexual couples (I don’t think the counsellor should be forced to do anything), but in general, the fact that homosexuals should be able to get counselling is an incredibly important part of the advancement of society – One which wouldn’t be in place if the EU did stick close to its Christian heritage, as the Church of England is demanding of it.

Fact is, secular government is the only reasonable option. Religious control will always be harmful.

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