Squash, Uni Break and Newnes

Played Squash with JV this morning. He won all of the games actually, except for the two left handed games which I have decided we must have everytime we play to offset the imbalance I have become aware of in my arms. I really enjoy playing squash – it actually pushes me, something I don’t find myself doing nearly enough.

It is Tuesday of the one week uni break we have at the moment, so I actually have a fair bit of time at home atm. I have a ton of marking to do from the last weeks worth of biology labs. And of course there is the usual work that needs doing with the websites and arb trading (which I am winding down now, and withdrawing all of my money back out of.)

This weekend we are all (family and many friends) heading out to Newnes to go camping for the long weekend. I’ll be taking a large group canyoning on saturday through a low grade canyon (possibly Deep Pass), and then a smaller group through Starlights canyon on Sunday. Should be fun – I just hope it doesn’t rain too much, because apparently rain is forcast.

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