– Evolutionary Timescale

For some perspective on the evolutionary time scale, you absolutely must visit this website:

It has a very clear visual representation of the history of the evolution of life on earth. It also has a link to the visual representation of the Hominid Timeline, which is equally shocking in its own right – particularly when you realise that the enormous image which shows just how short human civilisation is, all exists in the small blip at the end of the evolutionary timeline.

Such a long period of time…How is that for some perspective?

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From my website

This video provides some great size perspective on the cosmological scale. If you think the Earth is big, then watch the video and get some perspective on just how small the Earth can be compared to some astronomical bodies. The size of these bodies boggle our minds – we cannot actually fathom sizes of that magnitude – but animations like this help us to try to understand them, at least a little bit.

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