Cirque Rouge, Mahajanga, Madagascar added to TDMSKP Finally

I have finally just added my first guide article from my trip to Madagascar last year to TDMSKP. Not my favourite site on the trip, but the first on ein my book, so as good a place to start as any – Cirque Rouge, near Mahajanga. It is a large erosion ditch really, but the soils are so colourful that it has become a small tourist attraction. Not that you can really tell. There is really no development there, and you felt pretty alone the whole time walking there and back; so there was definitely no concern about over-development in these parts!

Anyway, the guide article can be found here: Cirque Rouge, Mahajanga, Madagascar

I have been delaying adding guide articles from my trip last year because I was waiting for the new version of the website to be launched, but that is taking significantly longer than originally hoped or expected, and so I might as well work on these smaller projects while I have the time and space to do it. I am going to try to keep adding a new article each day that I am at home. Hopefully that rate will be able to keep up with my rate of activity too!

I’ll be away for the weekend – Camping up near Barrington!

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