Google +1 Button Released

I just found out that Google have released a +1 button. I’m not exactly surprised, it has been an obvious next step for quite a while now, and something which Stumble Upon and numerous other social network style referral systems have had in effect for a while now. It is just a big deal that now there is a direct system which actually influence the Google Search results. It is quite amazing and exciting and terrifying all at once. Exactly how this is going to change the SEO scene is anyone’s guess…

Obviously, the first concern is abuse. I have no doubt that very soon you will be able to see threads over at places like Digital Point where people will be offering to +1 other peoples pages if you +1 theirs, and people will offer +1ing services and all of that sort of stuff. No doubt Google realise this and are doing everything they can to make such things pointless and a waste of time of the people trying to do it.

This does however make me wonder what the value could possibly be of the +1 if they are going to try to stop people from gaming the system. If the system is to have any impact on search results, then it is gameable. If they make it ungameable, then how could it possibly have any significant impact on the search results?

Seems hard to comprehend, but don’t think for a second that I would risk not having the button on my main websites in an effort to get improved rankings on Google. The risk of not getting every slight advantage offered isn’t worth it!

So how about you head on over to Sports Arbitrage Guide right now, and +1 that homepage for me 😀

PS: If you want to add the +1 button to your website now, just visit this page:


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