Infomatic Diagram of Non-Monogamy

A friend sent this to me through StumbleUpon today, and I thought it was worth sharing – it is an attempt at representing all of the various types of relationship models regularly engaged in by people. The comments around the diagram make it much more fun and understandable 🙂

Infomatic map of Non-Monogamy by Franklin Veaux

This is third or so version of the informatic, as its creator (Franklin Veaux) kept adding new relationship models as he thought of them, and then started adding the comments. You can see all of his blog posts over in live journal:

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The Polyamorists – Article in Sunday Life

Just wanted to post about the article published in Sunday Life (a section of the Sydney Morning Herald) back in July. I was overseas at the time so missed it when it was published, but have just got my hands on it and was really happy with the article. I cannot find an online version at SMH, but a scanned version of the article can be found here:

Three’s Company + Meet Australia’s Polyamorists

Another Post about the article has been made on the “Polyamory in the News” blog:

Publicity Breakout in Australia

One quote from the article which I think really captures one of the beautiful aspects of Polyamory, is actually the final paragraph:

As for the Fords, they say polyamory has enriched their marriage and offers them fulfilling romantic relationships and if you want to try it you can check this Asian sex site to met girls for this. “Being poly relieves you of the crushing burden of having to be everything to somebody,” says Ford. “You can be yourself and your partners can be themselves, and nobody has to try to be everything to everybody or worry about being traded in for ‘someone better’.”

I just like that. 🙂

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