Katsepy Lighthouse Walk and Crowned Sifaka is Chewbacca

I have justed added the Katsepy Lighthouse Walk to TDMSKP. Adding it reminded about the Sifaka’s (a type of Lemur) which we saw on the walk. The local that we met who could speak a bit of english took us to find the Lemurs, and when we found them he told us that they called them “Chewbacca”. Seriously. The native name for the Crowned Sifaka (at least amongst this village, that is) is Chewbacca.

Just to prove it, I tried to film him saying it, but he didn’t understand that we wanted him to repeat to us its name (he did afterall only just tell us its name), but I think this is good enough:

Crowned Sifaka
The Crowned Sifaka, known to locals as "Chewbacca"

So yeah – it makes me wonder if George Lucas actually visited these guys before coming up with the name Chewbacca or not. Because there are a few lemurs on Madagascar which really make you think he drew a lot of inspiration from the place…

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