Sports Arbitrage Guide almost complete

Wow. That is a big deal. After almost three years of working and ignoring and procrastinating on this website – it is almost finally complete. I have about 4 more pages or articles to write for it and then I will be at a point where I can’t think of anything else that needs to be added. No doubt more posts will be made to the blog as news comes up and small details change from time to time, but ultiamtely, the core content of the website will be complete.

My current plan is to complete these last few articles. I will then get Klaus to re-do the flash menu for the site to account for all of the new pages I added to it. And then finally, I will go through all of the pages one more time (for a while at least) and re-read and edit them all carefully AND add small images, cartoons and pictures to each page to help break up the wall of text that you currently encounter on each page.

With that done, it will be complete complete. Ongoing maintenance will simply consist of updating the alert services listing, the free trials and the accesories page. The occasional blog post will also be made, but from then on it will almost entirely just consist of random news announcements.

Anyway, this is pretty exciting. With a complete Sports Arbitrage Guide website I will be able to focus my efforts onto the redevlopment of TDMSKP. Klaus is dilligently working away on the database system behind the new wiki right now, and will shortly be moving on to integrate the map with the wiki. I have sorted out a colour code system for the wiki finally, but I think I will need to sort out specific details for most of the articles so that each one can be entered into the wiki with a range of important specific information. That being said, i think the most important thing I can do is ensure that it is easy for Klaus to continually update those elements in the wiki over time, so I can get user feedback to indicate what information is required for each activity, sport and location article.

OK, thats all. For parting, have a look at these articles I have recently added to SAG. More will follow shortly:
1. Bookmaker Registration and Funding for Arbitrage Trading
2. How to Place Arbitrage Bets – Step 1, Check Everything
3. How to Place Arbitrage Bets – Step 2, Place the Bets
4. How to Roll Over a Stake Returned (SR) Bonus
5. Matched Betting – How to Claim Stake Not Returned (SNR) Bonuses
6. Palps – How to Spot Obvious Errors

Bye bye.

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