How to Survive Being Buried Alive – SotD #6

I’ve always been a fan of Worst Cas Scenario sorts of books, and survival handbooks etc. I always imagine myself as one of those people in the movies who actually takes control of the situation and comes out alive, rather than panicing frantically and getting myself killed. So everytime I come across things like this, I can’t help but read it and hope that some of it sinks in to my subconscious memory banks in the incredibly unlikely case that I ever find myself in one of these “worst case scenarios”. 🙂

So here is How to survive if you are buried alive – Worst Case Scenario Extreme.

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Stumble Upon Password Security

A quick follow up on my previous article about my Gmail account being hacked.

I was trying to log in to my stumble upon account, but seemed to have the password wrong. So I submitted a “Forgot your Password” form, and received an email from stumble upon with my actual password in it. Not a password reset option, or a new randomly generated password, but my actual old password (which I thought i had already changed).

As if that alone wasn’t bad enough, when I then go and change my password they email me and tell me what the password has been changed to (in plain text of course) and state:
“Please keep this email for future reference.”

I actually messaged StumbleUpon and recommended they reconsider this method of dealing with passwords. I’m sure most people will do what they say and keep the email, and then some of them will live to regret it one day too…

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