Not Fast Enough!

I just purchased a ‘gig’ off (liking this website more and more these days) and after a total period of about 20 seconds where I had to enter my Paypal password, and click ‘confirm’ or whatever button I had to press, I was redirected back to this page on Fiverr:

Fiverr DamnQuickPay ImageDid you know that you could order much quicker!?!?! Did you know that 20 seconds to complete a payment is wasting your time? Wow.

I mean, I’m generally quite a speed orientated person. I like to be fast, and I hate to wait – but “Omg this is slow” is not what I was thinking when I was processing that payment for 20 seconds.

Anyway, just found it funny how focussed the internet has made us on shaving seconds off simple activities…

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