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I’m the founder of rbutr, Immortal Outdoors, and Sports Arbitrage Guide. I’ve been conceiving and managing the development of websites and web applications for over 9 years now, ever since I graduated from UNSW with majors in Molecular Biology (hons), Philosophy, and in The History and Philosophy of Science. You can see my LinkedIn profile here.

Shortly I will be working out of the Indie Bio lab in San Francisco in a brand new company which is reinventing infant formula without the need of farm animals. Keep an eye on BioNascent.co if you want to follow our progress.

Outside of “work” I have a strong interest in issues which pertain to social justice and welfare. At the moment, my main interests are Guaranteed Basic Income, Drug Law Policy, Ethical Non-Monogamy, and Secularism. I love to travel. I love extreme sports. Probably a neophile.

When it comes to beliefs, my permanent goal is to become less wrong. If you can help me be less wrong, then please do.

Of course I am also on Twitter and Facebook.


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