The Snowy Ride

Snowy Ride CheckpointSpent last weekend down at Thredbo for the annual Snowy Ride. It was my first time, although my mum and dad have been every year for the last 7 years – Mum actually won the grand prize draw last year, the Honda Goldwing. Very Cool.

Anyway, it is a charity bike ride event to raise money for child cancer research and support. It has over 3000 registered riders, and probably significantly more who don’t register, but just turn up for the weekend. Anyway, you can see all about the snowy ride on their website – if you’re a bike rider, then you definitely should check it out, it is a pretty cool weekend away.

Shane Atop KosciuszkoWhile I was down there, I went for a walk from Thredbo up the ski slopes, and then on to the summit of Kosciuszko. Never done that before, seemed appropriate thing to do while I had the opportunity.

I tactually gave me an idea for a silly challenge which I have never seen anyone else do yet – I want to summit the 50 smallest “highest Peaks” on earth. Find the 50 countries at the bottom of the list of “High peaks” and then travel to all of them and summit them. LOL. That is an acheivable goal!

PS: Summitting Kosciuszko is really really easy.

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