Proving Evolution – Rationale

The reason I want to write a paper called “Proving Evolutionary Theory” is for a number of reasons. It is to firstly explain how scientific theories are never really “Proven” they simply reach a stage of acceptance and use for a period of time until they are replaced by a better theory. I will go into a bit of scientific theory on this topic in an attempt to show people how scientific revolutions occur and how Paradigms are used as a tool kit according to Thomas Kuhn’s theories.

With a decent understanding of how scientific paradigms work it should be easy to show how “Intelligent Design” is not a contending theory, nor is it ever going to be the end of Evolutionary Theory. Ironically, Intelligent Design is the very theory that Evolution replaced. It is the theory which was unhinged and replaced by the far superior theory of evolution. The only reason any debate continues to this date is because unlike the earth being the centre of the universe, this is much harder to prove conclusively with a simple observation. If people were still stuck to the ground without Telescopes, I guarantee the Religious majorities of the earth would still be claiming that Earth was the centre of the universe just as vehemently as they claim that Evolution isn’t possible.

As such, the second goal of my paper will then be to proceed to show conclusively that Evolutionary Theory can’t be denied through inductive logic. That is, case after case after case of evidence which supports the theory where it would otherwise be expected not to.

How I intend on doing this will rely on the fact that Darwin wrote Origin of the Species 150 years ago. Only in the last 50 years have we come to know that the genetic material was DNA, and only in the last few years have we come to know what our genetic code actually is. So with this new data at hand, surely this 150 year old theory would be clearly disproved by now. Surely our understanding of genetic inheritance based on genome analysis would CLEARLY show that evolution was wrong! Right? Well, I plan on analysing some genomes comparatively to show relatedness between species and find some clear evidence which will either show clearly that evolution is wrong, or that it may still yet be right.

Based on the opening sections of the paper, it will be clear that no amount of supporting evidence will ever prove evolutionary theory, and thus I will never claim that any piece of evidence does prove it. Unlike the exponents of ID who regularly refuse to maintain intellectual dignity, I will not take cheap shots and cheap victories at the expense of intellectual honesty. I will not refer to a good argument or superb peace of evidence as absolute proof of evolution, no matter how much it may seem to be so, because I know that the truth of the matter is that Science never actually can know the truth. And in that is Sciences strength. Only believers in God believe they know “absolute truth” and that is why they are so regularly wrong.

Anyway, the culmination of the paper should be to show how Science works, to show why Evolutionary theory is assisting science greatly and justify its use as a tool. In the end my main hope is to simply explain adequately well that evolutionary theory is true enough to be accepted and followed as a theory so that people I know will actually accept it. The debate in the USA is a non-event made public by the media abusing religious. The scientists refuse to ‘debate’ the matter because they know that there is no debate. In the end, I only right this for the individuals who have been swayed by the circular logic of these religious media manipulators. The people who never actually make a rational argument, but instead appeal to ignorance. Appeal to emotions. Appeal to incredulity. They constantly create straw man arguments against evolutionary theory and the media, and uninformed individuals who know no better feel compelled to accept them. It IS absurd that a monkey should ever give birth to a human. That’s right… but that is not evolutionary theory… And it distresses me greatly that supposedly “educated” full grown men will willingly say that on television in an attempt to “WIN” people over to their side. It fills me with anger to be completely honest. These people who say this thing spend their lives “debating” this topic, and they either do so without having any idea what they are talking about, OR they blatantly LIE. Either of those options is a betrayal of the “faith” of their followers.

I think I will also make a few posts addressing some of these people over time in this blog. Maybe one day I will even inspire one of them to come here and defend their actions.


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